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Who I am

Having started my creative journey 2001 in Sweden, I have constantly expanded my repertoire of techniques. Working with oils, pastels, water-color, and mixed media. I express my emotions, mood, and the atmosphere I am surrounded by - this results in changing themes in my works.

I received my art degree from the Academie-Noord in Brasschaat, Belgium. 

Moving to Switzerland in 2011, since 2013 I co-run an art collective in Basel, called "frontofbicycle"

If you are interested in my work or have any artistic wishes

please contact me.

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Group Shows

2002 Tjörn (Sweden)
2006 AZ Klina – Brasschaat (Belgium)
2009 Kerk - Stabroek (Belgium)
2007-2010 Antverpia – Brasschaat (Belgium)
2011 Opel plant - harbour Antwerp (Belgium)
2011 Laureatenexpo - Brasschaat (Belgium)
2011 Artworks Liestal (Switzerland)
2014 Haupt-Ort für Gestaltung - Basel (Switzerland)
2014 JanKossen Gallery - Basel (Switzerland)
2014 Basel Art Center – Basel (Switzerland)
2015 Gallery Katapult – Basel (Switzerland)
2015 Hauptort f. Gestaltung – Basel (Switzerland)
2016 Basel Art Center – Basel (Switzerland)
2017 Brick Lane Gallery - London (United Kingdom)
2017 "frontofbicycle" pop-up gallery - Basel 
2017 Art Talents - Zürich
2017 "frontofbicycle " Braswell Art Center - Basel 
2018 "Untitled" Charity exhibition - Rheinfelden (CH)
2018 "IG Hornkuh" Charity exhibition Altdorf/Uri (CH)
2018  "frontofbicycle spring show" Braswell Art Center - Basel

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Solo Shows

2012 Artworks – Liestal (Switzerland)
2012 Gallery 55 – Liestal (Switzerland)
2014 Les Essences de l'Art - Saint Louis (France)
2014 Museum Gallery – Magden (Switzerland)
2015 Gallery Katapult – Basel (Switzerland)
2015 Gallery Neuhof - Bachs/Zuerich (Switzerland)

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International Projects

2014 “Keep the Canvas Rolling”  - India
2015 “Gallery 20x20” – Winterthur (Switzerland) worldwide charity project
2016 “Night of Hope” – Antwerp (Belgium) charity art auction for UZA Antwerp
2017 Artboxproject - Airport Basel -  Art Basel week

About Me: Bio
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